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Sold before you’ve even entered the shop

I was reading a book recently which documented many weird and wonderful experiment. They ranged from trying to cure homosexuality, to give hallucinogenic drugs to animals. One that really caught my attention however was a study looking into why people prefer Coke to Pepsi. It turns out that scanning people’s brains during taste tests provided the answer. Marketing. When people saw the coke logo their brain activity would suddenly spike.

It explains why so much money is spent on marketing. When out shopping do you invariably get drawn to certain products? Do you trust the company and have faith in what you are buying because the marketing makes you believe it is a superior product?

The question is, does this work on a smaller scale? Does this work when you have a small budget or are trying to market your product in a small area. We have some nice examples of how marketing can be more than a TV or newspaper advert.

This first product is a hanger. It advertises the wares of Whalley’s on King William Street. It’s a logical place to put the advert as they sell mantles and costumes. Everytime you pick up your jacket or dress it reminds of who to visit in the future.


Whalley’s Of Blackburn. Made to remember

The next two products have a less obvious link. The ashtray advertises the Walpamur Company of Darwen. There is no link in my mind between the two but this object, probably given as a gift, was used to keep their name and product in the public eye. The final object is a set of crown green bowls measures. Advertising the Thwaites brewery they are another way of reminding the public of their product although it’s impossible to know how many people finished their game, shook hands and went into the pavilion for a pint of Thwaites.

A beer, a smoke and a game of bowls. Some peoples idea of heaven. I’m not one of those people

Look around you. Marketing and advertising is everywhere but how many local firms do you see? Anyway, on that note I’ll leave you. I quite fancy a pint…


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