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Only 2 days left for Prince William and Catherine M. to be married and for the last few weeks the TV schedule has engaged with programs showing anything related to the Royal Family from coronation events to weddings and from wedding dresses to wedding cakes. Royal events and ceremonies hold a powerful fascination.

Blackburn and Darwen are no strangers to royal visits with King George V visiting Roe Lee Mills in 1913 and Queen Elizabeth visiting Blackburn in 1955 amongst others.

Visit to Darwen in 1913, Courtesy of LET as part of Cottontown project

 These visits are celebrated and remembered with various souvenirs, some of which have been displayed below.

Crap or Collectable?

 Something we always associate with Royal events is memorabilia and the current royal wedding is no exception. People all over the UK will collect souvenirs similar to the ones below bearing the faces of the happy couple and the royal seal. This is not a new phenomenon as can be seen by the various objects celebrating other royal occasions from the last century.

 Whether you call it royal memorabilia or kitsch, there has always been a healthy appetite for variety of goods bearing the likeness of the monarch of their age. From tea towels to mugs the Royals have probably shipped more goods from traders’ shelves than any children’s programme could. With the current wave of Royal fever, we just had to join in too!

Some modern examples...Did you buy any?


If we could be heroes…just for one day

If you saw someone fall onto a train track what would you do? If you saw someone fall into a lake and couldn’t swim what would you do? If you saw someone on fire what would you do?

Is there a hero inside us all? Would you put your own life at risk to save someone else without even thinking of the consequences? Many people do. Think of the stories which which came from the 7th July bombings in London of many brave and heroic actions during the aftermath.

What is it which makes us want to help and why do we do it? Which leads us onto this blog. It is about heroism and it leads us into a little mystery here at the museum.

A token of appreciation

This bracelet does not look like much but it hides a very special story. Engraved on the side of the bracelet is the text:

‘Mr. Jos. Barnes for jumping into the river and saving a woman from drowning, 3rd July, 1852’

I have no idea who Mr. Barnes was and even less of an idea which river he jumped in. Searching local census records and newspapers of the period bring no solution to this riddle and worst of all, it is impossible to find out anything about this woman. Did she fall from a bridge? Did she fall from a bank? Was she a rich damsel and he a working class hero? Was she pushed? So many question yet not a single answer. The only thing for certain is that this gentleman had no qualms on his own life when he jumped in and saved this woman.

This is one of the objects which really intrigues me here in the museum. There are so many questions I want to know about it but almost impossible to find out. It doesn’t matter though. The most important information is on the bracelet. He saved the woman from drowning and was given this for his troubles.

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