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Taste of Heaven or is it Hell?

The Black Pudding.

There are a many Lancashire stereotypes but black pudding has to be one of the most famous. Made from blood it is also known in certain places as blood pudding. A divisive food for some people, I am a huge fan and love to eat it as part of a full english breakfast or just on its own.

While the nearby town of Bury is historically associated with black pudding, Blackburn is no stranger to the food. The museum has a host of objects which relate to business that existed within the town and we have within our stores the sign from the Blackburn Black Pudding Bar.

Black Pudding anyone?

Situated on Larkhill, next to the Craven Heifer Hotel, as seen in the below picture, it has intrigued me as to what the store actually sold. Could a business survive on selling black pudding alone? Perhaps, the shop sold a larger variety of sausages too?

The Black Pudding Bar is on the right of the picture

I have decided to use this blog to try and get some of your reminiscences. Do you remember the Blackburn Black Pudding Bar? What was it like? and most importantly how good were the black puddings? Let me know in the comment section.


Don’t forget the Lobster

Do you always forget at least one thing when you go shopping?

Are you constantly reminding yourself that something has run out and forget to put it on your shopping list when the end of the week nears?

Well, worry no more! With this fancy Household Wants Indicator you never need to forget anything again!

The list contains many objects you wouldn't find in a supermarket anymore!

Just flip the little tag next to your specified object and when you make your shopping list you will be sure not to forget anything again. From tapioca to infant food, whiskey to coal and even emery paper and lobster, it’s all on this list which you will find a valuable time saving instrument!

Blackburn Museum can be found in Blackburn, Lancashire. It houses objects documenting Blackburn's industrial past as well as a world class collection of Fine Art, Japanese prints, Icons, Numismatics and Manuscripts. Come and visit us to find out more.

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